Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is RDS-TMC?
A1. Radio Data System (RDS) is a sub-frequency of FM.  Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is a technology for delivering traffic and travel information to drivers. It is typically digitally coded using the FM-RDS system on conventional FM radio broadcasts

Q2. Where does iTIC get traffic information from?
A2. Currently, traffic information comes from CCTV from Traffic Police, Expressway Authority of Thailand and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Q3. If I use this service, do I have to pay anything or free?
A3. It is absolutely free service for the receiver that receives traffic information from FM radio signal(RDS-TMC). The only thing that you have to pay is to buy a navigator with traffic function pre-installed.

Q4. What is the operating hour?
A4. This iTIC foundation will give 24 hours service, 365 days per year.  However, we will have a regular maintenance of the system time by time.

Q5. How often you will update traffic information and how often you broadcast traffic information to road user?
A5. Raw traffic information will come in real time but system will up date automatically every 2 minutes and you will receive the traffic information via FM every 1.40 Minutes.

Q6. Can we get traffic information via mobile phone and website?
A6. Beside in-car navigator and personal navigation device (PND), you can also get traffic information via mobile phone and website.

Q7. What is the benefit by using this service?
A7. You will get live traffic report during your trip so you can save your travelling time.  This system also tells you the accident report, road construction, flooding and many other events.

New* Q8. In what frequency the navigator can get traffic information from and what is the coverage area?
A8. Navigatior with traffic information function receive traffic information from FM frequency 99.0 MHz. It is now cover Bangkok and suburban area. (please see coverage area in service on main page)

New* Q9. In some cases I can not receive traffic information, what causes of the problems?
A9. In cases that you can not receive traffic information, this may cause from the weak signal or it is out of the coverage area of that paticular FM frequency. You may be inside the building, underground parking or in the tunnel.